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I wish to make an open invitation to anyone who knows of a prophecy that meets the eight selection criteria to send it to me for inclusion. What a great cloud of witnesses we have to God’s mind for Cape Town and South Africa and Africa. The more witnesses the better.


  1. Andre Holtshausen

    In 2006 the Lord called my family and me back to South Africa with a very clear instruction to be involved in establishing His Kingdom in all spheres of business – profit and non-profit alike. The call was confirmed, among other things, with the picture of a cross planted in Cape Town with its shadow falling over all of the continent. The Lord said: “My presence will be established in Cape Town and from there all of Africa will be covered. The revival of the African continent will bring the world back to my feet.”

  2. Rev. Jeanne Lee

    The Lord in March said: “The World is in chaos. I want my people to start Prayer Towers that their prayers will reach me. I am the Jehovah, that’s my name.” Later in May I had a Vision and saw myself walking in the garden . I was following someone seemingly, the Lord. He stretches out His hand giving me a sickle . As I took the sickle from Him, the next thing I saw myself cleaning the garden . The garden was very large and the plants and fruit trees were dry and poorly grown, and some dying. As I go about cleaning and tending to the garden the plants and fruit trees became healthy again and started growing well. The hand of the Lord appeared and gave me a book which look like the Bible. I went to a pond with that book. As I reached the pond one pair of colourful birds started talking with me. The birds were telling me how much the Lord loves and needs me to be a help unto many. After that I put the book in the pond , and as I picked up the book, it turned into a water jar. I went around the garden with the jar, watering the plants and trees. When next I return to see the garden, I noticed all the plants were green and trees yielded fruits. The variety of fruit trees yielded a variety of healthy fruits. As the fruits ripen , again the Hand handed me baskets and I went around to gather the fruits. After gathering the fruits I was led to the top of a mountain and I was given a chair to sit on a huge rock. As I sat on the chair, the Hand handed me an apple. I was wondering why I was handed an apple but as I looked closely at the apple, I saw these words written work on it. One side was written Fruits of Life and other side was written Fruits of Leadership and I understood what they meant. Thank you for your website. Its full of inspiration for me. Thank you and the Lord Jehovah shall continue to bless and guide you.

  3. Rodney Warrin

    Hi Brother

    I have been trying to make contact with you for a while .
    The last time I saw you was at the light house early this year or was it last year at a
    Prophetic convacation.

    Would be great to touch base with you .


    Rodney Warrin

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